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Our e-commerce, veteran owned and operated business is located in the small town of Dickinson, Texas.

As U.S. NAVY Damage Control Team Training Specialists we recognize a global need to be better prepared for unexpected catastrophic events. Benefit by having critical items on hand when routine services are completely obliterated. Uncle Bobs Go Bags "UBGB" components are easy to carry and comforting during encounters of high risk travel or when you are busy working in an affected region.

If you don't have the time or resources to assemble an emergency kit this is where we come in.

We offer you or your organization pre-assembled emergency UBGB's. Also we offer "IFAKs" (Individual First Aid Kits) and are a National distributor of AVON's C50 Protective Gas Mask Kits. Please call if you only need the IFAK or UBGB refill kits. (Just the guts!). 

We can customized your UBGB (or any kit that meets your needs) meeting your specific technical requirements.

Our IFAK's come to you pre-sealed, no customization for IFAK's for safety/medical reasons.

This website is simple and we hope you share our products with people you care about. 

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Regardless of where you live, we are faced with earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, heat waves, drought and a never ending threat from people who generally "dislike" us.  
Our products are subject to modification as we are striving our best to improve and promote "Made in USA components. Not all of them are, but we are always looking! 

Proud to serve.





Offering a wide variety of survival gear and protective products!

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